Clean Products' washers options
Maintenance & Repair Equipment Options
Sludge trap option 3 Sludge trap removes sludge and particulate from the wash water prior to returning to the main reservoir on each pass to extend the solution life.
Disc oil skimmer 6 Disc oil skimmer with timer in addition to the decanter weir skimmer.
24/7 heat timer 1 24 Hour, 7 day heat timer with skip-a-day feature.
2-tier table 14 Easily removable second tier table to clean a larger volume of smaller parts and retain large part capability.
Filters 5C In-line filters to filter out particulate at every pass
Swing out spray bar 14B Swing-out spray bar with valves to concentrate the wash on shorter work.
Auto-fill valve 7 Automatic fill float valve to automatically keep the wash water at a proper level
Replaceable spray nozzles 9 Replaceable spray nozzles.
Small parts basket 2 Custom small parts baskets
3 Phase electrics 26A 240/480 Volt, 3 Phase electrics
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