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Heavy duty parts washer HD-3740
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Top Load heavy duty washer HD-7234
Heavy Duty Options
Filter Systems 5C Bag Canister Filter 7" x 30" bag with permanent in-line housing for pumps up to 7.5 HP
5D Dual housing canister filter, 7" x 30" with permanent in-line housings for pumps up to 15 HP
Rinse Systems 15 Heated rinse system using shop water with a separate manifold and replaceable spray nozzles, flow control valve and solenoids.  The rinse water to be used as make-up water with any excess drained through an underflow/overflow pipe to a drain.  Heat exchanger coil.  Auto sequence wash/rinse, overflow tank with sump pump.
Accessories 6 Disc oil skimmer with manual reset timer - standard.
7 Automatic water adder
2 Small parts basket. May be custom designed to fit your parts.
Front Loader Production Enhancers 14 Easily removable second tier table to clean larger volume of smaller parts and retain large part capability.
14B Swing-out spray bar with valves to concentrate the wash on shorter work.
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