Clean Products High Pressure Parts Washers

800+ psi just cleans better


      Intense Cleaning
  • 800-1000 psi manually directed 
    1200-3500 psi with fixtured work 
  • Direct the spray where needed.
  • Uses heated water with more concentrated soap solutions for faster cleaning 
  • Turbo and special nozzles available 
  • Easily flushes out blind holes, manifolds, oil passageways, threads. 
  • All washers filter the solutions
Pressure washers process

Spraying in Enclosed Cabinets 
Operator not exposed to solvents.  Air Blow-off in cabinet 
Operator close to work with light directly in front of eyes for accurate inspection.
Trigger guns, foot switches and Safety Switches to prevent operation with door ajar 

Recycled "Closed Loop" Wash Solutions
Uses water based solutions that are filtered on each pass with pump intake filters or powered filters 
with automatic shut down when plugged.
Because of recycling, stronger concentrations of long life soap are used to clean faster 
Nothing down the drain - all solutions are recycled 
Soap solutions are formulated to add lubricity for the high pressure pumps 
and to add in-process rust protection for your work and the cabinet 

Moderate to High Production Cabinets
Small to Larger Work
Available from Desktop to Custom Continuous Pass-through Models 
Semi-Automatic Combination Jet Spray with High Pressure Touch-up
clean 95% automatically, and hand detail the rest in the same cabinet. 
Front load and Top load jet spray with lights, gloves, viewing window, and high pressure equipment available. 
Available for Small to Large Work- cabinets from Desktop to floor models 
Booth enclosures are available for large work. 
Free Parts Cleaning Evaluation
Call us  at 405-382-1441 about your application and send parts to test run.

Wide Scope of High Pressure Parts Washers Available
Desktop Washers

DT-3230 and DT-3230-VD DeskTop, Manually Directed, High Pressure Washer

Desktop, with swing-up front door, or with vertical door - manual or powered cylinder assist.

Compact, Portable - Take washing to the job.  With the desktop mounted on a cart, uses 115V electrics to increase portability. Recycles wash water with stronger soap to clean better and faster, blow- off gun in cabinet

HP-3632 High Pressure parts washer HP-3632 High Pressure Parts Washer with vertical door for pass-thru

HP-3632 and HP-3632-V High Pressure Parts Washers

High Pressure parts washer, bigger reservoir, more pressure, and more heat. Front load or vertical side doors for roller conveyor pass-thru operation.

HP-3432 High Pressure, manually directed parts washer

HP-3432 Tilt-back High Pressure Washer

Tilt-back lid to ease loading, large reservoir. Optional turntable available.

CP-2836-HP Combination High Pressure & Spray Parts Washer WC-2714-HP Combination High Pressure and Spray Parts Washer

CP-2836-HP and WC-2714-HP

Combine High Pressure with Jet Spray.  Clean automatically with jet spray and quickly finish with manully-directed high pressure gun.

HP-4432-PT High Pressure Pass-thru Parts Washer


Powered conveyor with manually directed High Pressure for high production parts washing.  Large reservoir.  Self-powered pump intake filter with auto shut-down to maximize pump efficiency and life.


Two-station, one operator, manually directed High Pressure for longer work. 

High Pressure Pass-thru, automatic conveyor


Variable speed conveyor, manually directed High Pressure spray wash and prewash area.

HP-7860 High Pressure Spray Booth Parts Washer

HP-7860 and HP-12072

High Pressure Spray Booth - place any where.  Recycles wash water, electric heated - venting not required.  Powered filter with auto shut-down, lower pressure wash-down pump also included.

HP-12072 High Pressure Spray Booth Parts Washer
Soap formulated for high pressure parts washing

Mar-Tek Soap

Highly effective industrial parts washing cleaning chemical formulated to extend high pressure pump life.  Clean quickly and have long pump life.

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