Rapid Technology Parts Cleaners

Clean Products  manufacturers High Pressure Cabinets  for use with Rapid Technology, RP&M, 3D Modeling, 3D Model, 3D Printer, Rapid Prototyping,  3D System, and Rapid Manufacturing  

  • 800-3500 psi aqueous or solvent pressure cleaning in a cabinet for concise cleaning

  • Conventional filtration down to Ultraclean

  • Used for Rapid Technology-RP&M-3D Modeling, Rapid Modeling - remove support or unsintered material, overall cleaning

  • Rapid Manufacturing - remove machining fluids, chips, loose burrs, particulate


Clean Products Parts Washers
3D Modeling Desktop model DT-3230 Swing-up front door Compressed air blow-off in cabinet RP & M
Rapid Modeling HP-3632 - Swing-up or vertical doors

Wash solution recycled and reused  - Ambient and heated solutions - Aqueous and solvent solutions - Variable spray gun pressures

Parts washer Aqueous washer
Various Cabinet styles and configurations - Work close-up for thorough operator inspection. 3D Model 3D system Automated work handling and gun movement available.
Rapid Prototyping 3D printer

Combination Jet Spray and High Pressure Touch-up HP-4848


Rapid Manufacturing Conveyor washer

PT-7240-HP Pass-thru Conveyor with manual high pressure wash


High Pressure for Concise Cleaning in an Enclosed Cabinet

  • Conventional filtration down to Ultra-cleaning
  • Wash solution recycled and reused
  • Ambient and heated solutions
  • Aqueous and solvent solutions
  • Manually directed to assure complete coverage
  • Automated directed gun and work movement available.
  • Various cabinet sizes and configurations
  • High production Pass-thru models
  • Combination jet spray for automatic cleaning with manually directed tough-up high pressure gun
  • Compressed air blow-off gun in cabinet
  • Work close up for thorough operator inspection

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