Soap! The Other Half of Cleaning.
How well does it clean?
How long does it last?

Industrial Cleaning Chemicals
How much does it cost vs. how much do you have to use

Fast and Complete water-based cleaners must have-

Wetting agents to penetrate oils and soils and break them loose from your work. 
Surfactants to keep oils and soils from re-depositing back on your work and help lubricate your pump for longer life. 
Rust Inhibitor to stop "flash" rusting on your work and to protect your washer. 
Water Conditioners to prevent "hard" water buildup and extend your soap life. 
Ask your current supplier what he provides!


Use Long Life Industrial Cleaners not "one-shot" soaps like home laundry or pressure washer detergents that rust your machine. 

Figure your actual costs and compare
Cost per soap charge = your washer tank size in gallons ______ divided by the recommended mix ratio in one pound of soap per _____ gallons x the soap cost in $ _____ per pound.
MarTek 218 = 1 pound per 10 tank gallons; MarTek 1080 = 5 ounces per 1 tank gallon.   Therefore, Mar-Tek 218 cost per charge for a 50 gallon washer = 50 gallons divided by 1# in 10 gallons x $1.85/# = $9.25 per charge. 


Aluminum safe  cleaners with rust inhibitor for machine and flash rusting 

Mar-Tek 218 powdered soap costs less to use on cast iron and aluminum 218 SDS
Mar-Tek 1080 Liquid mixes easier and contains powerful wetting agents to penetrate oils and soils and break them loose. 1080 SDS 
Rust Inhibitor


Mar-Tek 233 Rust Inhibitor, Liquid 233 SDS

Replacement Gloves Rubber, rough hand, ambidextrous gloves 
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