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Automatic Blast Clean and Thermal Arc Spray Systems

Blast and Coat System removes existing coatings, provides an anchor pattern, and coats long pipe-like work such as submersible oilfield pumps, ESP pumps, Sub pumps, and artificial lift pumps.

Thermal Arc Spray

Automatic Thermal Arc Spray Work Positioning Conveyors and Thermal Spray Containment Cabinets

Apply Monel and Stainless Steel Coatings up to 16 mil in a single pass. Automatic cleaning dust collection.

Multiple Gun Arc Spray

Adjustable Work Cart Positioning System

Provides individual control over work gtravel and work rotation for consistent coating thickness.

Multiple Monel Arc Spray Guns

are placed on the cabinet to maximize productivity.

A swing-up viewing window and lights are provided for safe monitoring and for maintenance access.

Work Cart

Long Pipe-like Work Blast Cleaning Equipment

Goff skew roll blaster
  • Automatic cleaning with blast wheels, no compressed air required.
  • Variable speed work conveyor, air-wash separator, classifier, and automatic abrasive adder to maintian consistent abrasive operating mix.
  • Rotary screen to automlatically remove chunks of previous coating materials.
  • Multiple blast wheels clean larger diameter pumps.
  • Larger diameter blast wheel blades can be used to change the abrasive velocity.

Thermal Spray Work Positioning Conveyors and Thermal Spray Containment Cabinets

Arc Spray and Conveyor

Variable Speed Skew Wheel Conveor

Turns the work as it travels by the spray guns. Emergency work stops on conveyor ends.

Spray Cabinet

Positons the spray guns angle and distance to the work. Tunnels on the cabinet are placed on each side over the convyor to contain the spray dust.

Traveling Cabinet

Blast and Coat Line

Thermal Spray Cabinet

Tilt-back Thermal Spray Cabinet

Inline Blast cleaning and Thermal Spray

Blast Cleaning and Thermal Spray on the same Skew Wheel Conveyor Line.

Work travels through the Blaster and then through the Spray Cabinet.

Work Trolley

Work Trolley

Work cart rotates work and separate gear motor pulls cart to easily vary travel and rotation speed separately.

Trolley Conveyor

Airblast Cabinet with In-line Thermal Spray Cabinet

Work cart runs work through blaster and in-line thermal spray cabinet. Airblast uses abrasives like Aluminum Oxide for special finishes prior to thermal spray.

Compact thermal spray cabinedt

Compact Thermal Spray Cabinet

Airblast Cabinet

Heavy Duty Airblast Cabinet

Blast Cabinet Blast Cabinet with Dust Collector
Blast cabinet for larger work heavy walls, a bucket elevator to reduce recycling wear, a pressure blast pot for abrasive flow and velocity control, an air-wash separator to separately control the separator procerss, and an automatically cleaning dust collector. Cabinet used to prepare more compact work for thermal arc spray.


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