Clean Products Tilt-Basket for small parts

Tilt Basket Washers
        Wash Small Parts effectively by rotating to expose all surfaces.
Direct spray - washes quickly and removes chips.
Loads Easily, Dumps Easily

Tilt Basket Washer for small parts 

Load Rotate Unload
Parts are loaded into the work basket at a convenient height. Various basket hole sizes are available, depending on part and chip size. The parts are gently rolled or tumbled with a variable speed basket. The spray hits the work directly to remove the chips and coolants out the bottom of the basket. The work rotates while drying to eliminate spotting. 

The work basket can be rotated to expel any water and easily tilted forward to discharge the work.


Tilt Basket Specifications
Cleans small parts that must be gently tumbled in the spray to clean properly.
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