Clean Products WorkCell options
WorkCell Washer Options
24/7 heat timer 1 24 Hour, 7 day heat timer with skip-a-day feature.
Filters 5c In-line filters to filter out particulate at every pass
Replaceable spray nozzles 9 Replaceable spray nozzles.
Auto-fill valve 7 Automatic fill float valve to automatically keep the wash water at a proper level
21 Low water safety switch cuts off heater with low water.
Disc oil skimmer 6 Disc oil skimmer with timer in addition to the decanter weir skimmer.
Small parts basket 2 Custom small parts baskets
480 Volt 3 Phase electrics 26a 480 Volt, 3 Phase electrics


15 Separate rinse spray bars with water solenoid valve and manual reset timer. Uses shop water. Rinse water used for make-up water, excess to drain.


VR Venturi Type rust-inhibitor adder.
2-tier table 14 Easily removable second tier table to clean larger volume of smaller parts and retain large part capacity.
repeatable wash timer 20A Repeatable wash timer - just hit button to start.
20B Automatic processing of wash thru drain and rinse with repeatable timer.
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