Lean Manufacturing Parts Washers by Clean Products

Lean manufacturing WorkCell Parts Washers are compact, self-contained to place an effective kaizen cleaning process anywhere.


Lean manufacturing parts washers

  • Combine WorkCell parts washers with machining or assembly.
  • Eliminate a separate cleaning process for lean manufacturing.
  • Eliminate solvents, produce dry not oily parts for the next process.
  • Use Kaizen processing with Workcell washers to inspect earlier, reduce scrap, and promote just in time handling.
  • Automatic cleaning, no hand washing.
  • Self-contained, compact, all electric, place anywhere and plug-in for lean manufacturing process.

Lean manufacturing parts washers by Clean Products
Top Loading Parts Washers Front Loading Parts Washers
Top loading parts washers Front loading parts washers
Top loaders for short work. 
Convenient loading height, no bending over. 
Compact, self-contained, aqueous parts washers. 
Front loader for taller work. Use an easily removable second tier table to double production on shorter work.  Heavy duty spray pumps, oil skimmers, filters, recycled water, temperature controls and timers.
Continuous Parts Washers 
Pass-thru Parts Washers 
Continuous parts washers Pass-thru parts washers
WC-27-C PT-1414
Continuous washing, no opening and closing lid. 
Circular style, one operator, single load-unload station, compact.  27" to 72" diameter tables available.
Compact Pass Thru, single stage, 
6' long mesh belt conveyor washer. 
High pressure, manually directed pass-thru washers available.
WorkCell Features
WorkCell Options
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