Clean Products Evaporators
Evaporator Features
  • No burner tubes in the solution to cause fires or flash-off VOC's.
  • No burner tubes allowing evaporation to the bottom, further reducing waste.
  • No burner tubes to clean around.
Easy to Operate
EV-300 Fas Fired Evaporator picture

Evaporator Operation 

Water-based solution is fed into the reservoir by the optional transfer pump or the user's equipment. The high level switch will stop the pump when full. Only non-flammable fluids can safely be evaporated. 

The disc skimmer is started on the operator's control panel or the decanter skimmer is used to remove oily contaminants which slow the evaporation operation.

After skimming, the exhaust fan is started to remove the water vapor and the burner exhaust .

With the fan running, the burner is started and evaporation begins. The exhaust line must be vented through a free flowing chimney.

When most of the water is evaporated, the solution temperature will increase reaching the thermostat set point which turns off the burner. 

Evaporator Components
  • up to 500,000 BTU - Natural Gas
  • Decanter Skimmer
  • Disc Skimmer
  • Exhaust Fan
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • 3/4 HP Transfer Pump - optional
  • 110 Volt Fused Protection
  • Sloped Bottom, 3" Drain for Easy Clean-out
  • 50 (electric only), 150, or 300 Gallon        Insulated Tank
  • High Temperature Limit Protection
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