Pressure Washers, Recycler
  • Reduce disposal with Clean Products' Unique System

  • Recycler recovers water from pit, filters, skims oil, and reheats water ready for reuse

  • Heated Pressure Washer

  • Reduce chemical cleaning costs

  • Provides for easier disposal by filtering and skimming prior to disposal

Pressure washers, parts washers

Pressure washers, recyclers

   Reduce disposal with Clean Products' Unique System

  1. Recycler recovers water.
  2. The water is filtered, skimmed, and reheated.
  3. Pressure washer pump with hose.

Electric heat - no venting required.

Pressure Wash Water Recycler     WBR-300 Specifications
  • 300 gallon reservoir w/sloped bottom
  • Submersible sump pump with float valve
  • Filter vessel with 50 micron bag filter
  • Centrifugal filter pump and pressure gauges
  • Decanter oil skimmer
  • Disc oil skimmer with timer
  • 18-36 KW heat, temperature gauge
  • 24/7 heat timer, heat controller
  • Industrial duty high pressure pump
  • 5HP, TEFC motor
  • Pressure regulator/unloader
  • 30' pressure hose to wand with Turbo nozzle
  • Second, lower pressure spray wand and 30' hose

WBR-100 Wash Bay Recycler

 WBR-100 Specifications

  • 100 gallons

  • Three 7" x 30" easily replaceable filter bags

  • Decanter oil skimmer

  • 1/2 HP- 110 Volt, automatic, submersible sump pump

  • 20 ft of hose with a quick disconnect on the filter end

  • Tank drain, overflow pipe, water adder valve, tank covers 

  • For use with your oil fired or cold washers or for the optional pressure wash equipment: 6 KW up to 13.5 KW available. 

  • 230 Volt single or three phase, 460 Volt optional, fused heat contactor, manual reset heat timer, thermostat and temperature gauge.

  • 40" w x 40" d x 44" h.

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